Gigolo are dirty but there is a business … women here quote men! Gigolo Market Delhi

Gigolo are dirty but there is a business … women here quote men!

हिंदी में पढने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे

The capital of India is famous for many things, but no matter how famous today it is, nobody will be at all. In today’s era, sex youths are so deeply in the mind that if you look at their mobile or laptop, you may find many porn photos and videos. Because of this the youth do not feel in the job. If you see, the intoxication of making money in young people is so shadow that it does not understand the difference between right and wrong. It is clear from the time that with changing times, they should both have money and fun. In many POS areas of Delhi, there is a market for men in the market. In this, college students like to work on their night to spend their lives. The more earning and promotion of the work that is done here, the faster it will be. This work is done by a market. This market does not work in the night, but in the night. The gigolo market is called and the men working in it are called gigolos. I.e. Delhi’s Gigolo Market | Gigolo i.e. mail escort or call boys …

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gigolo job market delhi india

This Gigolo market takes place at night
There is a market in Delhi for the young PD where he is making good money by doing his work. The name of this market is Gigolo. It seems a men’s market at night. To make money, students of this college do not move behind their business. Here, women of good houses bid for boys. gigolo job market delhi india

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Where do the men’s market
This men’s menu takes place on the main streets of major markets such as the posh areas of Delhi and South Extension, JNU Road, INS, Ansal Plaza, Connaught Place, Janakpuri District Center. The boys come here and the carriages stop, the gigola sits, the carriage takes place when the deal is settled.

gigolo job market delhi india

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Meet in big hotels
Apart from the posh areas and pub – clubs in the city, this business is flourishing in many popular hotels. Here, the identities of the stripes in the neck are not from the napkin but the dress. There is a special dress code for them black pants and white shirts. According to the news, gigolos would sit in the restaurant of these hotels and take a look at their customers while taking the coffee chisel.

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Nights from 10:00 to 4:00 am Mandi
According to a website, this business of men’s lives in the national capital is growing rapidly. This business starts after 10:00 and runs until 4:00 in the morning. There are many areas including Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, Palika Market and Kamla Nagar Market, in the night, the market of men’s Jismophoshi business is decorated. In this market of Delhi, women belonging to Adult class come and bid for men.

gigolo job market delhi india

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Disco and Coffee House Deals Now
This POS is not limited to the roads and lanes of these areas. There is an option for Pub- Disco and Coffee House. Booking of Gigolos also happens in High-Fi Club-Pub and Coffee House. For a few hours the price of bookings of Gigolo for sale ranges from Rs 1800 to Rs 3000 and for full night deals is up to Rs 8000. It does not pack up here and the price for six pack abs is up to 15000.

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Work like a corporate sector
Here the dealing work is completely systematic. The person who sells 20% of the earnings is to be given to his institution, which he is connected to. This is the story of prostitution, some people have made this profession, and in some compulsions it is in this swamp. According to the information, it is the highest level of engineering and medical preparatory students.

Such is the identification
For identification, the gigolo binds the napkin and neck. This is their identity. Gigolo’s demand depends on the lease tied around their necks.

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How and where is the training of gigolo
There are many such organizations where these gigolos are trained. How to talk to women in training, how to satisfy them, half things are said. Let’s tell that many gay hires even gigolos. Many gigolos are very well-educated, with the highest level of students preparing for the competency exam including engineering and medical. The job of the youth is very much done in a plan manner, which is why they have to give 20 percent of their earnings to their institution, which they are connected to.

Revealed in the report
According to a survey report, in 1992, only 27 percent of the sex workers used the condom, but in 2011 the figure increased to 86 percent. According to this report, the information related to AIDS is increasing as fast as the men are getting increasingly popular. This business is growing fast in the city of Delhi. Here the college students of the college are engaged in business.